Managed cloud-base NTRIP caster

High available NTRIP caster

  • Multiple-access services supporting single base RTK, nearest RTK and Network RTK services
  • All standard RTCM and MSM message types and mountpoints are available for all rovers, no matter which type of manufacturer
  • Designed for mass RTK data and mass market RTK, in combination with our very own multi-data connector, that can access multiple sources of GNSS data
Glopos infrastructure

Guaranteed performance

  • Service Level Agreement with guaranteed 99,9% availability
  • Tier III datacenters, state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Trusted by customers all around the world since 2010

User interface


  • Online & Offline CORS statistic and alarms
  • GNSS network dashboards - online traffic visualization and analysis
  • Reference station monitoring - analysis of health of corrections stream
  • Rover operation history

Subscription management

  • Subscriptions activation, expiration
  • Subscriptions history
  • Different subscription types by limitation
    • Calendar time - limited only by expiration date
    • Time pre-paid - limited by credit and expiration date
  • Different subscription types by assignment
    • Personal - dedicated to user
    • Shared - dedicated to company
  • Subscription geofencing
  • Notifications before expiration


  • Customer domain
  • Rebranded UI
  • Custom notifications